Woman breached order by causing a nuisance at mother’s home

A JUDGE told a woman with drug issues she had let both him and herself down by turning up at her mother’s home in breach of a restraining order and then assaulting a police officer.

Ashlea Pinder was given a chance to correct her ways after pleading with Judge Ray Singh that she would reform herself when she appeared for sentence at Durham Crown Court in July, for the robbery of her own mother, taking money from her, after pinning her to the wall.

Judge Singh passed a 20-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, to include a drug rehabilitation order, in the hope she would live up to her claim of intending to “turn a corner”.

But she was back before the judge on Friday, sobbing during the court video link with Low Newton Prison.

The 29-year-old defendant, who has 43 convictions for 93 offences, admitted breaching the restraining order and assaulting an emergency worker, both putting her in breach of the suspended sentence.

Anthony Pettengell, prosecuting, said a neighbour rang police to report Pinder and others turning up outside her mother’s home, in Seaham, on August 31.

The restraining order was in place since the July hearing to protect her mother, prohibiting Pinder from attending the property.

When police got to the scene, in Wedgewood Road, she was still there, and her mother said she had been causing a nuisance.

The officers went to speak to the defendant, who was shouting in the background, and so she was arrested for breaching the order.

Mr Pettengell said upon arrest she shouted at the officers and resisted, but as they attempted to restrain her, she twice tried to head butt a female constable, without making contact.

When placed in a police vehicle she scratched the constable’s forearm, causing an abrasion.

A statement read to the court by the officer said she also risked injury to an already damaged ligament in her leg, while Pinder lashed out, as she was detained.

Her mother stated that she only wanted a “peaceful life”, to be left alone by her daughter and friends.

Jane Waugh, for Pinder, said occasionally in the past her mother permitted her to visit, sending out, “mixed messages”.

Imposing prison sentences totalling 15 months, Judge Singh said she knew she should keep away and told Pinder she had let both him and herself down, and would not receive further chances.

The Northern Echo | Durham