Violent ‘bully’ jailed for second time after horrific catalogue of offences against ex

A MAN who has assaulted partners in successive relationships was jailed for domestic violence for the second time in two years.

Connor McLeod met his most recent partner via social media last February, while on licence following his release from a 20-month prison sentence for assaulting a previous girlfriend.

Durham Crown Court heard that within weeks of moving in with his partner at her Hartlepool home, McLeod soon revealed his dark side when she arrived home late from work, as a mobile carer, one evening.

Accusing her of seeing an ex-partner, he hit her with a sweeping brush which snapped, before tipping crisps over her and leaving

He later returned crying, asking for another chance.

Mr West said things were peaceful for a while, but, such was his paranoia McLeod insisted on accompanying her when she went to work and would sit in her car parked near her client’s homes.

By this stage McLeod was also assaulting her on a weekly basis, to her body and above the t-shirt line on her arms to hide the injuries, while refusing to allow her to seek hospital treatment.

He would buy her presents as a means of apology, but continued to be violent with her, and after finally agreeing to allow her to go to hospital, she had to make excuses as to the cause of the injuries.

Mr West said in one bizarre incident, McLeod told her she did not deserve the presents he bought her and so cut up £500 in notes as well as some of her clothing, throwing them into the yard.

As she went to retrieve them, he dragged her back, punching her in the stomach.

His final act of violence took place at a caravan on Crimdon Dene, where she had been living, in late summer, flinging her onto her face, wrapping his arm round her mouth so she struggled to breathe and passed out.

When she regained consciousness McLeod had left, having taken her mobile phone and smashed the back window of her car.

He returned on a friend’s moped and she told him she had arranged to see the police, at which McLeod threatened to set fire to a caravan and break her puppies’ necks.

McLeod, 23, of Howard Road, Hartlepool, admitted controlling and coercive behaviour in a relationship, plus assault.

His victim said she was glad he was now out of her life.

Martin Scarborough, for McLeod, said his behaviour was, “clearly unacceptable”, and he, obviously, struggled to handle relationships, displaying, “immaturity.”

Judge James Adkin said McLeod bullied and threatened his partner, as he had done previously.

Jailing McLeod for 27 months, Judge Adkin also made him subject of a restraining order forbidding contact with his victim for ten years.

The Northern Echo | Durham