One of pair also demanded money and stole victim’s phone

TWO women have received short prison sentences after barging into an elderly man’s home, where one later demanded money and stole his mobile phone.

Angela Parkinson 36, and Kirsty Rank, 29, appeared at Durham Crown Court via video link from Low Newton, Women’s Prison, where they have been in custody since their arrest in early July.

The pair were both charged with assault by beating the householder, in Chestnut Avenue, Ferryhill.

Parkinson also demanded money with threats as well as stealing his phone.

She asked to use the man’s toilet, which was permitted, and went unaccompanied to the bathroom.

But while out of his sight, she went into his bedroom and took his mobile phone.

It was only after leaving, shortly after 4pm on Wednesday July 4, that the victim realised his phone was missing.

The pair were both initially accused of the assault, using violence to secure entry to premises and theft.

Ms Parkinson was also charged with blackmail over the threats made, when they appeared before Peterlee magistrates, on July 3.

Both women, of Newton Street, Ferryhill, denied the offences and were remanded in custody, as the case was sent to the crown court.

But at their latest crown court hearing, Rank’s guilty plea to the assault charge was accepted by the Crown.

Parkinson also admitted the assault, plus theft and blackmail. She received a total six-month prison sentence by Judge Ray Singh, who described them as, “particularly nasty offences.”

Rank was jailed for a month but will remain behind bars until December as she has been recalled on licence to serve the unserved part of a previous 11-month sentence.

Both must observe three-year restraining orders forbidding them contacting or approaching the victim.

The Northern Echo | Durham