Number of Covid vaccines issued to people in every North-East postcode

MORE than 1m people in our region have now received their first dose of the Covid vaccine – almost a year after the country went into the first lockdown.

Official figures for all 14 local authority areas in the North-East and North Yorkshire have shown how the vaccine rollout has been progressing.

It comes as the UK recorded its highest number of vaccines administered in a single day – 873,784 on Monday, almost one year after the first lockdown was declared.

But most recent data for the region, which shows how many 1st doses have been issued since December 8, 2020 and March 14, 2021, has been released.

It shows that across Tyne and Wear, Northumberland, County Durham, Darlington, Teesside, Hambleton and Richmondshire, 1,057,883 have had at least their 1st dose.

Although this figure may appear lower than previously reported, this is because the data only relates to doses given in those authority areas, and not by CCG or NHS region. 

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The data shows that in the region, 145,321 doses have been issued to those over 80 – including health and social care workers and doses given in care homes.

A total of 106,076 doses have been issued to those between 75 and 79, while 152,964 doses have been issued to those between 70 and 74.

As the rollout moved to include more cohorts, 1 to 9 – a total of 146,136 doses were given to those 65 to 69, while a 117,500 doses were given to those aged 60 to 64.

Towards the lower categories of the cohorts, 93,208 doses were issued to those aged 55 to 59, and a total of 296,678 doses have so far been given to those under 55.

But to give you an even clearer picture of how your area is doing in the vaccine rollout, we’ve published an interactive tool so you can see how many people in your postcode have received their first dose. 

You can search for the figures in your area by typing in your local authority, ward or town name. 

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