‘North-East should lead mental health innovation’ says app founder in event announcement

A MENTAL health and wellness start-up has announced a series of national conferences to coincide with the launch of its artificial intelligence-driven mental health and wellness platform.

North-East based Myndr will unveil its AI-assisted app and give guests the opportunity to hear personal stories from founders Lizzy Hodcroft and Emma Reilly, as well as a panel of local heroes, celebrities and thought leaders.

Hosted by presenter and comedian Alfie Joey, Myndr X Con will take place on February 4 2021 at Northumbria University and will showcase the latest in wellbeing technology.

Myndr’s new application uses peer-to-peer mental health support and human-centric machine learning in a bid to revolutionise mental health support.

Ms Hodcroft said: “We will be taking a deep dive into the interesting findings from our early beta testing of the platform and of course, there will be a big unveiling of the product showcasing the how and why behind it all.

“We’ll also be looking at the mental health landscape today, exploring both what can be celebrated and what still needs to be improved.”

The event is also designed to shine a spotlight on the region and reflect Myndr’s vision of making the North-East a leader in innovation for mental health and wellbeing support.

The company has also recently bagged a £300,000 grant from Innovate UK.

For more information visit myndr.co.uk

The Northern Echo | Durham