How Is Technology Reshaping Fitness Trends?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people have become more interested in improving their fitness and their general well-being.

This is great news for anyone who earns a living in the fitness industry. However, you do need to be aware of the latest changes and trends that are reshaping the sector as a whole. Technology is constantly being developed that will change the game for fitness employees and clients using their services. Here are some examples of the tech that is altering the course. 

Online Workout Plans 

One major trend currently reshaping the fitness industry is personalisation. Clients expect a more personalised service, designed around their needs when they use solutions offered by a gym or a personal trainer. This is possible due to online apps like My PT Hub and MyFitnessPal. Support and workout plans can be created around individual schedules and highly specific goals. 

If you are keen to start a new career as a personal trainer then the ability to set up individual workout plans will be key to qualifying and gaining a permanent position as a Personal Trainer later. It will also help you attract clients if you choose to operate independently from a major brand. 

Remote Fitness

There are countless reasons why people don’t feel comfortable going to the gym. Some individuals hate the idea of working out in public and others lack the motivation to make the journey to a gym. Many more simply can’t afford the membership costs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people continued to work out remotely. This trend has not vanished and many people still prefer working out in the comfort of their home. All of the technology that we’ll discuss throughout this article is contributing to this trend, ensuring it is a more practical and desirable option. 

Wearable Tech

Arguably the fastest-growing trend that is reshaping the fitness industry is wearable technology. Wearable technology is now available from a variety of brands and there are options to suit every budget. Each year, this tech becomes more advanced and intuitive allowing users to track and explore different aspects of their fitness journey. From checking rest time to monitoring heartbeat with MyZone this tech allows users to take more control of their goals and objectives. 

Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality is another type of tech that is poised to rethink how they approach fitness. Virtual reality will make fitness more fun, and engaging and allow users to explore new worlds from the comfort of their homes or while they are working out at the gym. Using VR tech, people can join a virtual gym class like never before or workout in a way that is more immersive and engaging. This could lead to greater results and gains for anyone who is bored of the standard options at their local gym. 


We have already mentioned fitness tracking with wearables. However, artificial intelligence technology is going to have an impact here as well. Apps already exist on the market which provides individuals with the option to track their progress and then gain AI generated feedback on how to improve to gain better results. AI is expected to impact more than 300 million jobs and this likely includes roles in the fitness industry. New personal trainers should be exploring how they can use AI to provide a greater experience for their clients. 

Management Software

Of course, technology is also reshaping how teams manage fitness companies through new software. The latest software solutions allow managers to effortlessly track:

  • Memberships
  • Employee shifts
  • Finances
  • Individual client progress
  • And more

Ultimately, this leads to a more engaging and rewarding experience for clients. At the same time, it helps ensure that fitness companies can focus on important goals including future growth plans.

Smart Gym Equipment 

Finally, smart gym equipment is being incorporated into gyms across the company. While it can also be purchased on the private market, some of the options are incredibly expensive. As such, smart equipment can be a unique selling point for individuals who are not sure whether they want or need to visit a gym. It could be key to providing a greater experience for clients who are considering switching to working out remotely on a permanent basis. 

As you can see, there are already countless examples of technology that are changing the tech industry and it is constantly evolving. It is fascinating to consider how tech will have altered the industry in just five years. 


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