Derwent Reservoir Walk

Distance:  10.3 miles

Time:  3-4 hours (walk); 1 hour (bike ride)

Derwent Reservoir Walk

Distance: 2 miles from Visitor Centre to Pow Hill Country Park.

(3.5 miles to Millshield picnic site).

Discover the wildlife and history of Derwent Reservoir along the multi user trail (3.5 miles from Pow Hill Country Park to Millshield picnic site) while taking in the breathtaking views of the reservoir.

The walk is easy, comfortable walking and is suitable for cyclists, walkers, wheelchairs and pushchairs.

The path can be split into shorter sections from the visitor centre along the dam to Pow Hill Country Park (2 miles) or in the opposite direction from the north shore of the dam wall to Millshield picnic site which is 1.75 miles. Along the trail you can also spot a number of wildlife gems.



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