Demo is a call to step up and act on climate crisis

HUNDREDS of pairs of little shoes were laid out in front of Durham Cathedral to get people to think about what future lies ahead for the younger generation if the world does tackle climate change.

Environmental activists Extinction Rebellion placed the children’s shoes on Palace Green yesterday in a bid to ‘bring home the danger the next generation faces’.

The Northern Echo:

The shoes had been donated by supporters from across the country and were displayed alongside the message – Climate Crisis: Give children a future. Act Now.

The Northern Echo:

Similar demonstrations have been held across the UK, in a series of actions by Extinction Rebellion which culminate in the opening of Parliament on September 1 when activists hope those in power get their message.

The Northern Echo: The Northern Echo:

Romey Chaffer, a local artist and grandmother, said: “The government was warned about the likelihood of a pandemic and did nothing to prepare.

“They have been told that the warming climate is reaching a critical tipping point, and again they are doing nothing to protect us and the next generation.

“Continuing a carbon-based economy is ruining our health and our environment.

“We have to change the system now to stop climate change.”

Nicholas Kasch, a materials scientist, said: “I remember the hint of fear I felt looking at rows of empty shelves in the supermarket a few months ago.

“Well, next time it could be for real, the predictions are that on an overheated world we will suffer crop failures on a global scale. We’ve got to take much more serious action to avoid that.”

Durham City’s Labour MP Mary Foy spoke at the event. She said: “The fact we are in a climate crisis doesn’t get mentioned enough and isn’t taken seriously enough in politics.

“Everything we do as a society should be focussed on improving the future, to make the world a better, fairer and safer place to live.

“We cannot do this unless we take the climate emergency seriously.”

The Northern Echo: The Northern Echo:

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