Stone Cold Restorations

Stone Cold Restorations
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This is a headstone cleaning service; minor repairs and grade adjustments can also be done

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Cemetery headstones lose their luster over time due to weather, pollen, mold and others environmental conditions;  This service provides a thorough cleaning of the headstone using Arlington Cemetery-approved D2 Biological Cleaner.  The stone is first evaluated for stability, then washed gently with water and soft brushes, followed by 2 application of D2 Biological Cleaner.  The D2 works with time, sunshine and rain, and within a short amount of time the headstone returns to its original beautiful condition.

Veteran headstones are always cleaned at no charge, and a flag is placed next to the headstone.

Occasionally a stone will settle or sink below grade, and this can also be rectified.

Free, no obligation estimates are provided.

Pre and post cleaning photos are always provided as well

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North Carolina
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Stone Cold Restorations